Made on demand, delay 1 month

119,00 € tax incl.

Square of 10cmx10cm.

Delivery in 1 month.

Price per sqm.

The Zellige tiles were present since the Xth century in Marocco and Andalousia mainly in palaces, furnitures, fountains and stairs. Zellige is a clay tile covered with enamel which fits in Mediterranean and Maghreb culture : its enamelled surface, irregular and shaded gives it a unique and craft style. Their making is long. The Zellinge tiles are made from clay, handmade then baked at 900° in woodeen oven. Then comes the soaking enameling and the second baking. Ultra-resistant, Zelliges are easy to care : in case of dirtying, use a sponge and a natural soap !

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