Buy less but better :-) 

Since 2010 we do made in France items, so the question of responsible consumption & production is very important matter for us for many years ! For this note, I'd like to explain the facts as simple and as neutral as possible :-) To start, I'd like to tell that I work in the textile industry for many years now so my subject here is only to talk about what can be done to avoid pollution in the textile industry.
consommer moins mais mieux

#1 Your item did a long road !

A fashion brand will normally order a quantity of items, that will be made somewhere in the planet and ship back to the warehouse & shipped again to the stores. if the store is not the final customer but a wholesaler, it will be sent again to the final customer! Now, to be able to make these items, the company will order material, ship the materiel to the factory, then the factory makes the finished products, and ship the goods back to the company. If the final customer of the company is not in its country, the good may be shipped again to the place of the customer. Each shipping requires boxes, plastic bags to protect items, energy to move the truck, the plane or the boat, it is then obvious that if THE PLACE OF MAKING = THE PLACE OF THE CUSTOMER the product pollute far less than a product made on the other side of the earth. That's what we call local consumption.

#2 Why the question of stock is important ?

Now that we have seen the trip of the product, there is another parameter : if the product is made on the other side of the earth, it's long to get the delivery, so the company usually order more quantites and guess what consumer will like to buy. While ordering (usually 6 months) before getting the goods, they get an higher chance that the stock remain unsold. Imagine now these products that made all these travels for nothing ! I tell you a little secret : do you know what famous brands do with their leftovers? They don't want to see them sold half of the price in a gloomy they burn them !!! Of course it's another advantage to make a production close to the company : the company can order less as they can reorder easily ! :-) 

#3 How to make our planet great again ?

Saving our planet is not only a question asked to factories or companies. The answer has to come from everyone as we have to change the way we buy quickly. Here is a little list to remind the best ways (according to us) to avoid wastes

1. Buy what is locally made! If you can find something close to the place you leave, take it there ! Don't order online goods that you have close to you, the transport has a cost ! 
2. Waiting a bit for a delivery is not a big deal, it can mean the company make the stock they will sell, not more
3. Avoiding the plastic bags, and all the useless packaging, each time you throw something in the garbage, ask yourself if you could have buy something that would have avoid this waste.
4. And finally the most important maybe, buy what you really love and what you will keep many years. By taking few days or weeks of reflexion you ensure that the item is very useful and will "spark joy" as Marie Kondo says !