Bedroom decors that inspire us 


#1 Imaginative headboards

A beautiful bedroom comes from a beautiful headboard. It doesn't mean it has to be a furniture, it just mean that the decor of the wall behind the bed should be the start of the decoration of the bedroom. Do you have a favourite painting? Do you have vintage wall lamps you adore, do you want to have a soft and comfortable headboard...all these questions can help you build your bedroom decor. This bedroom is designed by Dorothee Meilichzon and we are huge fans of her colour combinations and her astonishing work on hotels ! Her headboard is inspired by 17th century with linen curtains that are mixed with pink velvel geometric shapes to make it more contemporary.

bedroom decor1

#2 Dare the wall paper !

A beautiful wall behind a bed could be a wall covered with wallpapers. We love particularly the retro designs reminding us of 1900 such as the decors imagined by William Morris and re-edited recently. The wallpaper implies to have plain and simple bedlinen matching with it, you will have to avoid the prints or the geometrical patterns on the textile. Yet having plain bedlinen doesn't mean it will be boring as you can play with different colours and not only have the same white bedlinen...

bedroom decor2

#3 Choose the colours carefully

Colours are essential in all the rooms of your home, the mix of colours makes the difference as you can see above. We don't think any colour is forbidden as it is only the way you will mix a colour with another that is important. As a start to decorate a bedroom I would ask if you have bedlinen that you want to keep. Starting for the colours of bedlinen to choose the colour of your wall seems strange but this his how the entire colour combination will work. Also the colour of your wall will emphasize your bedlinen and make it look more sophisticated.

chez amanda jane jones

In this case, the dark wood is lighten up but the colours of the bedlinen, if the bedlinen had been too light, the contrast would have been too graphic for a bedroom. The shades of bedlinen are in the middle (between the dark brown and the white wall) and therefore they build a nice link that warms up the atmosphere.