Our christmas wishlist 

We have to confess, we on the time before Christmas ! So much that we play the famous "Christmas songs" in store from October ! We also know that it's not always easy to find the good gift idea, first of all because we all miss time but also because preparing the list of the kids is also very complicated !!
So we have decided to help you and we wondered what we would wish under the tree, obviously more in the spirit of taking a moment for you, and invining you to rest. Here is the non exhaustive list of our cosy Christmas gift ideas for you but also for all the members of your family. Happy Christmas !

#1 For Mum or your sister

1. Because she loves laughing and that his book is already a must : the book by Loïc Prigent gathering the little absurd but real sentences heard in the fashion industry - 16€
2. Because she loves staying in bed on sunday mornings and get her breakfast served in bed for once, we suggest the organic cotton gauze bedding set, cosy and surely the softest duvet cover on earth - 109€
3. Because nothing worth a warm tea bowl after an hard day to rest - 8€
4. Because she loves being told « Je t’aime » we found this beautiful pillow in real Liberty of London and hand embroidered - 89€
5. Because she loves cooking, "Merci mamie" by Jean Imbert, is a nice book that gathers the recipes from his Grand-Mother for perfect family French meals - 19€
6. Because she hates cold, and we understand her perfectly, we have found the warmest & most chic sweater in cashmere wool from Lingerie Le chat, made in France of course ! - 179€
7. Because sleeping with a Liberty of London mask makes your nights full of beautiful dreams - 15€
8. Because his marvelous and warm voice reminds us of our childhood : the best-of of Charles Aznavour - 15€

#2 For dad or your brother

9. Because it's a passion and that retro cocktails are so trendy : this book inspired by the drinks served in the TV show Downton Abbey - 29€
10. Because is sensitive to the cold, in particular in the evening while reading in his armchair, we advise this beautiful and cosy quilt to roll him inside - 169€

Well our list is overnow, so we wish you good luck for your Christmas shopping and don't do it at the last minute to enjoy this delicious & nostalgic time of the year without stress ! And above all, don't buy too much & remember that less is more which means that it's better to offer one nice gift than several little ones that may never be used !