What is the gauze ? 

Gauze is the nappy cloth fabric, the one we use for so many things for babies ! The fabric is composed of the layers assembled by little stitch. The stitch can take various forms such as squares or discrete stitches that makes it almost invisible : this is the case for your gauze. It is by washing the fabric at high temperature that the surface gets crinkled as the two layers start to move slightly while remaining fixed by the stitches. Our gauze is flat at the beginning as we chose a treatment that is more industrial, reliable allowing us to get Oekotex dying and to have colours that don't fade away. Our fabric is very soft and it will get crinkled washing after washing.


#1 How is it made ?

1. The gauze is so soft that we wanted to share it with adults and we weaved it in large width for make adult bedlinen without stitch.
2. This fabric is an organic cotton, weaved in India in the respect of GOTS norms
3. It is dyed in France in the respect of Oeko-tex norms. The factory that is dying the fabric is based few kilometers away from Lyon and was created more than 100 years ago, as you can on the hereunder picture.
4. Then the fabric, dyed and soften, is shipped to the North of France, near Cambrai for the making of finished products.

#2 How should I take care of it ?

The advantages of the gauze are numorous !
It is is extremely soft but also nice with wrinkles (such as linen) which implies that you don't need to iron it !
A delicate washing is recommended as the weaving structure of the fabric is quite open but we test it at 60°C without causing any shrinkage damage ! You can also tumble dry it, as it will make it even softer but be careful as its causes little damages on the sewing and the edges compared to drying it naturally :-)

#3 And if I want another colour ?

We also offer a dying on demand service.
If you don’t find the very colour you are looking for, we can make it just for you !