Hélène Gombert's home


Hélène lives in an old house in a small village in Pays Basque. She choses to live there because it is a place matching with her values and allowing her to transmit them to her children : authenticity, friendship, conviviality and simplicity.
She bought this house after falling for its old floors and its huge stairwell. She decorates little by little her home which is the ideal place to set up her family furniture or her finds from flea markets, one's of her passion.
Her memories in this house are recent but dear to her heart since the birth of her little Jeanne who is 7 months old. 

Follow Hélène on INSTAGRAM : @mylittlejeanne

1Our new Liberty of London : Mabelle mixed with new navy striped linen and green/blue gauze.
2Our new Liberty of London Mabelle brings freshness to the authentic decor of Hélène's bedroom.
3Our new navy striped linen! It goes perfectly with our différent colors and our Liberty of London.4

For kid's bedroom, the Liberty Mabelle comes as a duvet cover :-)

Hélène Gombert's home 

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