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Erin lives in North Carolina in a city named Durham. Her house is surrounded by rolling hills and wooded forest.
She moved from Utah to North Carolina three years ago for her husband for his PhD program at the university.
When looking for a space for her family, she was first drawn to the amount of light in this house, as well as the light wood flooring : both qualities that fit well with her love for Scandinavian design and incorporating natural elements in decoration. 
Her favourite moments are with her two children : a boy and a baby girl.
She looks forward to the moments where she put aside her work and spend time talking, playing with them and learning about their little personalities to see glimpses of who they are becoming.

Follow Erin on INSTAGRAM : @erinhoj

erin hoj maison

Erin bedroom is very pure with white on walls to catch as much light as possible


Focus on the blue/green organic cotton gauze, chestnut linen and peacock parade Liberty of London

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Erin Hoj's home 

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