• Amanda has designed the 12 first volumes of the famous Kinfolk magazine! She lives in Chicago along the lake Michigan South shoreline, in a building from early 1900's. She immediately felt in love with this appartment with tall ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors and huge windows. Her decoration is just like her taste, minimal with a mix of soft natural tones with pops of colours. 

    She's inspired by 60's design and Scandinavian colours.

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    chez amanda jane jones

    Dark wood is beautiful mixed with wind rose gauze


    The Liberty of London pantages has a 20th century spirit and is very nice with sky grey gauze and dark grey linen

    chez amanda jane jones

    Amanda has hung on her wall family portraites taken in vintage photo booth

    chez amanda jane jones

    Our favorite colour combination : pink with grey !

    chez amanda jane jones

  • Isabelle lives with her husband and her 9 and 10 years old boys in this great house built at the end of the 19th century in the middle of vinyards in Medoc.

    She lives there for few months and decorate her house step by step. The flowered wallpapers are genuine, as well as the cement tails that give a great charm to the place.

    In the entrance hall, Isabelle has painted in black only the base of the wall and the frame of the door. She decorates white walls with old botanic and shell lithographies she bargain-hunts and resell on @myoldpapers.

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  • Aurelie lives in a 19th century house for then years with her husband and two kids aged 3 and 5 years. She decorates this old farm step by step. The house is in Bourgogne, not far from Fontainebleau.

    Aurelie loves simple and tru things. Her tastes show her values with a decoration using natural materiel, the usage of white, black and wood. She add objects and furniture that she bargain-hunts and bring additional soul to her home.

    She has her own bedlinen collection made from vintage linen she finds time to time and which you can discover @antiquehome.

    Aurelie displayed our new theme in her guest room and in her son Oliver bedroom.

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  • Designed by Dorothee Meilichzon, we are huge fans of her colour combinations and her astonishing work on head board !
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  • Aurélie Lecuyer lives a wood house in France that she has entirely drawn. She has started from pre-built wooden panels to build it. The spaces are large, pur and structured by wide window openings that let a lot of light in the house.

    The outside walls are covered by burnt and black wood that gives a lot of charm to this house with a the avantages of a new construction.

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  • Tessa lives in this house not far from Amsterdam for several years with her four kids.
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